Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The End of the Road & Start of the Season

Pathetic! Our national sporting teams seem to be in a low spot at the moment and I think the cricketers must be looking forward to getting home after a very long winter away. Even six weeks in the Caribbean must be wearing thin for them now. Back to County cricket and home life.

I have to admit, I love county cricket and that probably makes me a member of a very small and select group. I lived in St johns Wood and was able to drop in to Lords in the evening on the way home from work and also enjoyed a few long, summer afternoons there over the last couple of summers. And it has to be said, it is a lovely way to spend a sunny day. The pace of life slows and all is well with the world. Even last summer's dreadful performances by Middlesex, who play their home games at Lord's (for the uninitiated), couldn't dampen my joy at spending time in the ground. Occasionally, I venture into the Pavillion and it is a fantastic place to watch sport from. It gives a surprisingly intimate feeling of being very close to the play. Unlike the media center end which feels quite removed. And people who watch cricket are by and large, friendly, polite and interesting to talk to.

So, my Middlesex membership has been renewed, despite the baby, moving house and tube lines, and the likelihood that I won't see much cricket, because it will encourage me to take every opportunity to get out in the sun and watch some live sport. I can't wait.

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