Wednesday, 2 May 2007

British Local Elections

In the UK today we have elections for local councils and the Scottish and Welsh assemblies. Much has been made of the lead in the opinion polls in Scotland for the Scottish Nationalists and how this could lead to the break up of the UK. My view is that this election is all about giving a good shoeing toTony Blair particularly, Gordon Brown to a lesser extent and the Labour government in general.

The main catalysts are clearly the Iraq war and ongoing carnage - and the general shambles that it seems to have degenerated into, with British forces being taken hostage by Iran and then selling their stories to the press. The huge increase in taxation which may have started stealthily but now hits like a sledgehammer. I can't be alone in noticing my pay packet shrinking again in April as taxes, this time NI, have gone up by more than the increase in tax allowances. I don't think we would mind so much if the money wasn't being so obviously wasted.

Despite his expected electoral thumping, Tony Blair is apparently planning a seven week "farewell tour". He must be suffering from delusions of adequacy if he thinks that most of the Labour party want to see him on a farewell tour, let alone the general populous. The only reason that people will be sad to see him go is that he is now certain to be replaced by Gordon Brown. God help us! I can't help thinking that the crushing of all opposition in advance of the Labour leadership elections - even Putin must be impressed by the ruthlessness and effectiveness of it - are a precursor to how all opposition to his policies will be dealt with. Brown is reported to be planning a 100 day policy onslaught from his coronation to bulldozer us all into submission. Quite how this is going to be achieved while parliament is on holiday I don't know, but politicians may want to check the cancellation policies on their holidays!

I won't be voting today as London has no elections but I hope that my fellow countrymen do the right thing and give Blair's backside a helpful kich through the door.

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