Sunday, 17 June 2007

Andrew Gormley - Hayward Gallery

Today we went to the Hayward Gallery to see the new Andrew Gormley exhibition Blind Light. I was a bit nervous as this is the first time we've taken the baby out to any public events. As it was he behaved well and there were loads of other babies and children there too. The gallery is fairly child friendly too, with lifts and ramps to get in and around. Even at seven months old, the baby enjoyed the 'white' room (see below). I was more concerned with not running over other children with the buggy, as you really can't see more than a foot or so in front of your face and less if you wear glasses because of condensation.

For me, the best part was 'Event Horizon'. These are 31 casts of the artist spread across rooftops and walkways covering 1.5 sq km of Central London. It was good fun trying to spot them all and it makes you actually observe the buildings in the area and notice their details rather than just scanning them as we normally do.

Admission is £8 for adults and is limited to a certain number of entrants per hour. The whole exhibition will probably take around an hour to view. It's definitely a good Sunday afternoon trip for the family.

As a side note, we dropped into the Royal Festival Hall to see the renovations, which seem to be on-going. The quality of the restaurants has definitely improved with well known chains like, Wagamamas, Strada and Giraffe opening by the river.

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