Thursday, 28 June 2007

(Oh my God) The Spice Girls are back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present:

and… Actually, still quite attractive.

And let’s not forget the sixth Spice – Money, money, money or Dosh Spice.

To top it off, the Spice Girls chose that other embarrassing relic of the 1990’s to announce the tour – The Millennium (O2) Dome.

Are the 10-13 year olds of 1996 really nostalgic for the past? I would hope that they would now be too embarrassed! Or, is the band relying on the celebrity pulling power of Victoria Beckham to pull the crowds in?

Fashion-wise, the band has moved on from platform shoes they could fall off of to tops they could fall out of. I guess that constitutes an improvement of sorts.

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