Wednesday, 26 September 2007

More on Usmanov

The murk deepens on Mr Usmanov - the Russian/Uzbeki who is trying to get his hands on Arsenal football club.

Craig Murray, Britain's former ambassador to Uzbekistan, has accused Mr Usmanov of various crimes (in a most un-ambassadorial way) and of having acquired his fortune in dubious circumstances. Details can be found by typing "Craig Murray censored" to bring up numerous sites that have mirrored the original blog by Craig Murray.

In response Mr Usmanov had his lawyers lean on Fasthosts, the UK company hosting the servers running Craig Murray's website, and they promptly shut down the servers. This caused collateral damage to a number of other entirely unrelated websites including that of Boris Johnson MP and would-be London major. The story has become a cause celebre in the blogosphere and is now beginning to feed into the mainstream media:

The Times

The Guardian

Channel 4 News

Daily Telegraph Online here and another here

Let's hope that this scares Usmanov away. David Dein must be wondering what on earth he has done (one would hope!).

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