Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Baby Sitting

Well, my intention of writing a post every day, at least during my working week, has come unstuck. Yesterday, the wife got gastric flu - very nasty - and was unable to look after the baby and disappeared off to bed and the toilet for most of the day. At four months old, working from home and doing the odd bit of child care doesn't really cut it. He needs full time attention not to mention a long trip out at lunch for his nap. And that's when I discovered something rather disturbing. I've known for a while that if he doesn't get a good two hour nap he's a complete horror all afternoon - tetchy, doesn't feed properly etc. So I wheeled him off to the park thinking I could read the paper while he snoozed but as soon as I sat down the pushchair started to shake - he was inside trying to kick. About five minutes later the squeeking started and it's get him moving or face an afternoon of hell. My wife likens it to the film "Speed"! So, two hours of walking was bad enough on top of a full day of keeping him amused, feeding and changing him and keeping the wife in hot, sweet tea. All this on top of about 4 hours sleep due to the aforementioned gastric flu. I fell asleep watching a DVD at about 7pm! It makes you appreciate work. And I'm back today.

The subject I wanted to write about yesterday was The Trap - What happened to our dream of Freedom that finished on Sunday night. It's another very interesting series from Adam Curtis, who previously gave us The Power of Nightmares. And as I've run out of time today, I'll take it up tomorrow.

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